Friday, May 21, 2004

Rain Rain go away...

Where is all of this rain coming from? It seems like every time I look at the weather station, the forecast is for rain. Rain is good... but not all the time. I've got stuff I need to do outside and doing those things in the rain is NO FUN.

Last night I cut the grass. I actually had to push the mower thru water that was a couple of inches deep in some areas. The grass needed to be cut because of the forecast for rain throughout the remainder of the week. I couldn’t wait for my son to do it because he was at work… and any ways, I really need the exercise.

I have a problem with some of my gutters and downspouts. The gutter in the far back of the house seems to get clogged and water pours over. The dirt in the back of my house is washing away. I ended up buying a 32’ ladder so that I could get to that gutter to clean it out. The problem now is that the ladder is too heavy to easily move around. I’m so glad I have a wife that is willing to help me no matter how much I swear.

I really hope this weather clears up… I got the Soup Run coming up on June 5th and rain would be no good…

Stay dry!

Soup’s on!


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