Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Thanks Tommy!

Here I sit in my hotel room in Utica, MI. The sound of the dishwasher is trying to drown out all the other non-familiar noises of this hotel.. Occasionally I’ll hear someone running down the hallway. Occasionally I’ll hear a door slam.

A few minutes ago I heard what sounded like a whole pack of dogs barking and howling. I didn’t think they allowed dogs in this place. It’s a nice suite hotel. I suppose families might be living in some of the rooms waiting for their house to be completed or something…. Oh well, doesn’t bother me any…

I got a package delivered to my house today. My wife called me to tell me about it. I asked her to open it… I guess I’m a little kid that way… She opened it and tried to describe what it was. She tells me it’s a wood piece about 13 inches by 8 inches. On it, burned onto the wood is the word HONDA and under that is a drawing of a wild boar. A guy from Florida sent it to me. Last winter I sent him some Wisconsin snow (all sealed in a jar). I was getting a little stir crazy because I wasn’t getting out much. I guess he wanted to return the favor by sending me something. That was really nice of him. He wrote me a note telling my what’s going on in his life. Last winter he sent me an email (after he received the snow) that really made me think about things and realize how one person’s actions can do good in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. I’m so happy I sent that little jar of snow.

I never met this guy before. We have only communicated on a Motorcycle Forum on the Internet and via a couple of emails. It’s pretty strange knowing that someone you may never meet face to face is thinking about you and wishing you well. This Internet thing can be a pretty powerful thing.

I have to think of something to do this winter that will touch others. People I don’t know and will probably never meet. Life is too short to keep everything to yourself. I need to share more and spread a little joy…

Thanks Tommy!