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I don't like birthdays...

Today I turned 43. Where are all of the years going? It seems like just yesterday, I was a boy crossing the street at Honey Creek Parkway on my way home from Third grade (the second time through). I remember thinking to myself… I can’t wait until I’m 16 and then I’ll be able to drive.

Then I remember the afternoon I graduated from 9th grade. I was on my bike riding around the teachers parking lot at Alexander Bell Jr. High. I remember thinking to myself… the next time I step into a school, I’ll be in High School.

Then I remember freshman orientation at UW-Milwaukee. I was confused. The guy taking us around asked, “Do you have any questions, like where’s my locker?” I thought to myself… yeah, where’s my locker? I didn’t realize that we weren’t going to have lockers anymore.

Then I remember graduating from college. I had a job lined up in Fond du Lac. I remember walking down the isle at the Arena when I saw one of my teachers sitting right next to the isle. He said to me as…

A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend. It actually started Thursday afternoon and lasted until Monday afternoon. I went on a mini motorcycle vacation with my brother and nephew. Our destination was Corbin, KY to meet up with a bunch of Sport Touring guys. We weren’t planning on hanging out with them, but it was a convenient excuse to ride around that area of the country.

Thursday evening we made it down to southern Indiana and spent the night at a Lee’s Inn. We’ve stayed there twice before. This time, the lady checking us in was one of the least helpful people I think I have run across in the hotel business. We asked for a Roll-away bed. Her response was “We don’t have any.” Then, as if thinking we would mention that we knew they had roll-aways, she said… “They are all being used.” By the looks of the parking lot, we could see that they only had about 6 rooms booked that night… I guess everyone had a few roll-aways reserved.

We are pretty laid back people. We didn’t make a fuss and heade…