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Stay Tuned

I haven't been traveling all that much for work. As a result I have not had much time to kill sitting alone in a hotel room, and as a result of that, I have not added any new entries to this blog in quite some time.

I have a feeling that this situation will change in the very near future. I predict that a big change is going to be happening soon and I will either be spending a lot more time in hotel rooms all across this world, or I will be spending a lot more time at home. Either way, this should give me more opportunities to add additional entries to this most exciting blog.

Stay tuned for more information...


Suz said…
Soupman, three entries in the last year??? Certainly the master of soup has more to say than that! I'm hungry... whatcha got cookin there on the stove? :)

Your long lost moto-buddy,

You can visit me at 11mystics dot com

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Oh how I hate it when people don’t keep commitments or even bother to tell you that they won’t be doing something. I have problems with this in my personal life and my work life.

I’m sure you have probably been in this situation… you talk to someone about a project or a task and all indications are that that person intends to follow though and do what they have indicated they will do… Then a couple weeks later you realize the task hasn’t been done and when you bring this up with the person who has failed to follow through with their commitment you get a blank stare, or worse a statement like… I didn’t mean I was going to do it now… or… something else came up and I decided not to do the thing we were talking about.

Maybe the problem all comes back to me. Maybe I’m not specific enough, or feel like I’m hounding the person if I make them tell me exactly what they are going to do and exactly when they will have it done. I tried this once with my wife and learned not to do that again. …