Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bad Vibes

I’ve always been a nervous person who thinks something is going to go wrong. I work myself up to the point where I honestly think my bad vibes actually cause things to go wrong. Take my computer for example. My wife or kids can turn the computer on and everything starts up just fine. Me, when I press the power button, thoughts shoot through my head like… it’s going to lock-up, the blue screen is going to come up again, the disk is going to have errors…. And you know what? Something bad usually happens.

I have problems with my motor vehicles as well. Twice now I think I willed my car to have problems. My wife told me that she needed to add oil to her van because it was low. I instantly started thinking that my car needed oil. Wouldn’t you know it, the next time I started my car, the LOW OIL light came on… What’s with that?

Then, on Christmas as we were coming home from our holiday visits the Low Coolant light came on in my wife’s van. That thought was running though my head the next day as I was pulling my car our of the garage and I noticed a couple of drops on the floor. I open the hood and find that I have a coolant leak…. That sucked…

Now it’s my motorcycle…. Drops of oil have been noticed around the Final Drive. (It’s a shaft drive bike) I’ve changed the oil, made sure that level was OK and now, after a few weeks, I see oil drops again. I’m now worried about my coolant and tires… let’s see how long it takes to have those things go wrong.


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