Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wisconsin Weather

I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life. As the years go by I seem to enjoy the winter months less and less. Cold, wet and windy… I’m thinking a change is in my future.


At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Roadsnakes said...

"thinking a change is in my future."

I`ve thought the same , sometimes. BUT, I think I`d miss the changes , and four seasons.
Sure, the ice, cold, shoveling gets to me. But just like life is always changing, so must the seasons. I took my dogs for a early morning walk this morning. It couldn`t have been much more then 10 degrees, but with no wind I found myself walking even farther then I had planned. I didn`t hear my dogs complaining either.
Sure, I wouldn`t have enjoyed shoveling all morning, but I wouldn`t trade the early morning walk in 10 degrees for a year of sunny and 72 degree days.
I can see a condo in future someday, so as to avoid the bad times of winter. But, I also see me walking dogs , early in the morning, with single digit temps, in my future also.
Enjoy the spring, summer, fall And winters of your life.


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