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This has no point

Warning… this entry really has no point. If you want to continue reading, go ahead.. but you’ve been warned.

I haven’t been traveling very much for work lately and as a result I haven’t had much free time in the evenings to add entries to this blog. It seems when I have nothing to do at night while on the road I tend to use my free time writing while sitting in my hotel room. (beats wasting a lot of time and money hanging out in some bar.) Since I’m currently at a point in my career where I’m not totally sure who my boss is or exactly what my responsibilities are, I thought it best not to blow the budget and take trips over to Detroit or England to do on-site support. I’m hoping soon those things will be worked out and I have some direction. Until then, I’ll continue resolving issues and trying to learn as much as I can about the next release of the system that I am responsible for implementing and maintaining.

Right now I’m at home. The TV is on in the background. My wife is watching something and doing the wash at the same time. The volume is pretty loud, but I’m able to totally block it out. I hear the dog down the hallway. He’s taking a drink from his bowl. It seems once he starts he keeps going until the thing is empty. After he finishes he thinks it’s his job to walk over to the first person he sees and rub his face on their leg… this time it’s my wife’s turn. She groans, I laugh…

I made dinner this evening. We had Rotisserie Chicken and baked potatoes. It was pretty good. Very moist and tasty. The rotisserie I have is just big enough for one chicken. With three of us eating we have enough. When there are four of us, I usually have to make some sort of extra side dish to fill us up.

Rotisserie chicken is my second favorite food. My first favorite is my Mom’s Cheese Torte. My mom has been gone for about 12 years now. I can still taste that Cheese Torte… it’s thick and sweet and oh so good… Patti tried making it for me once. It wasn’t the same, as a matter of fact, it was pretty awful. She tried and freely admits that she failed. My Sister in-law’s version is very close to my Mom’s. Usually on Christmas she makes one for the family. It’s really good. Patti always takes the time to tell her story of the one time she tried to make it for me.

In about 1 hour I have to go pick up Jamie from work. She has a part time job entering information into a database for Title transfers. It’s a boring job that takes skill and accuracy to do. Ryan had the same job before he went off to college. During winter break they’ll let him come in and put in a bunch of hours. He’ll need that to help pay for his tuition.

This weekend is the annual Cathedral Concert for the Symphonic Band. We are playing one piece that is pretty percussion intensive. I’m looking forward to that number. I hope I don’t screw it up and we can keep it together. Most of the other selections we are doing have some percussion… some of it pretty important, but not a lot of notes. It should be a good concert if everything comes together at the right time… which it usually does.

See, I told you there really was no point to any of this… Don’t you wish you had those couple minutes back so you could have done something useful?

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