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Just plain wrong

I just realized something… I didn’t make any friends in college. I went to UW-Milwaukee for 4 ½ years and I don’t have a single friend from those years. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember a single name of anyone I met in college. That’s pretty sad.

In High School I made lots of friends. I knew lots of people’s names, but for one reason or another have not kept in contact with any of them… but in college, I can honestly say I can’t remember anybody. The people I remember from my college days are those friends I already had in High School.

I came to this sudden realization after I spent last Friday touring UW-La Crosse with my wife and son. We were there checking out the college Ryan will be attending in the Fall. We spent most of the day listening to facility and students talk to us about how great life is at UW-L. After the listening session, we took a guided tour of the campus and then had an extended tour of the science building and it’s labs.

I believe the main reason I never made any new friends at college is because I lived at home and most of my High School friends were either attending UW-Milwaukee with me or attending another school in the Milwaukee area. None of us lived on campus and we tended to not associate with people outside of our circle. So many opportunities lost there…

My hope is that Ryan will make all sorts of new friends while living on campus at UW-L. Hopefully one or two of those friends will become life-long. Going through 4 or 5 years of college life and not remembering a single sole from those years is just plain wrong.

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