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I don't like birthdays...

Today I turned 43. Where are all of the years going? It seems like just yesterday, I was a boy crossing the street at Honey Creek Parkway on my way home from Third grade (the second time through). I remember thinking to myself… I can’t wait until I’m 16 and then I’ll be able to drive.

Then I remember the afternoon I graduated from 9th grade. I was on my bike riding around the teachers parking lot at Alexander Bell Jr. High. I remember thinking to myself… the next time I step into a school, I’ll be in High School.

Then I remember freshman orientation at UW-Milwaukee. I was confused. The guy taking us around asked, “Do you have any questions, like where’s my locker?” I thought to myself… yeah, where’s my locker? I didn’t realize that we weren’t going to have lockers anymore.

Then I remember graduating from college. I had a job lined up in Fond du Lac. I remember walking down the isle at the Arena when I saw one of my teachers sitting right next to the isle. He said to me as I passed, “So you think you’re graduating?” What did he mean by that? Did I fail his class? That night, I made a trip to UW-Milwaukee to check the final exam scores posted outside of his office. Good, I didn’t fail. I did graduate.

Now, I’m sitting in my cubical at work, thinking where did all of the time go? Who am I? What do I want to do for a living? When will I die?… and how???

I don’t think I like birthdays anymore.


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