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I think I'll have a malt

I don’t think I should have gone to the doctor.

A few weeks ago I had a little scare and decided at that point that it was best that I went in for a Physical. Patti made an appoint for me at the first mention by me that I should go see a doctor. She wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass since she has been trying to get me to go for the last 15 years.

I went in for my appointment last Monday. They did the weight thing, the blood pressure thing and then I sat with the doctor and he asked if anything was bothering me. I said no, but was concerned because of my excessive weight and the fact that diabetes runs in my family. He listened to my heart, my lungs, felt my ankle and that was it… He wrote up an order for some blood and urine tests and told me to go to the lab some morning after I fasted over night. Well, I couldn’t do it the next day because I was leaving for Detroit, so the lab stuff had to wait until Saturday.

Saturday morning I went to the hospital to have some blood drawn. The girl taking my blood was incredible. Because of my fat arms, I don’t have any vanes that stick out and even with that she was able to find a good source on the first try. She filled two tubes up and then I was off to the restroom with a cup in my hand.

On Monday I received a message to call the doctor’s office. Me being the pessimist that I am, I was already getting ready to check into the hospital for my quadruple bypass or to have my insulin pump installed. I called and talked to the nurse. She read off the results and said everything was normal. The only thing that looked a little above average was my “bad” cholesterol count. She said just cut back on some saturated fats and start exercising a little.

What??? That’s it? All that worrying for that? Exercise a little? Cut back on fats??? I could have come up with that! Those helpful little words probably cost me $400 or $500 after the visit and all the lab work. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tacked on a little something extra for faxing the results to me.

My guess is if I would have never gone to the doctor, I would still think something was wrong and try even harder to lose weight and get on the treadmill. But now that they tell me I’m OK, I think I’ll go out and have a malt.


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