Thursday, June 24, 2004

My worst birthday... (so far)

I think this was my worst birthday. I didn’t have the right attitude all day and things people would do, or not do just seemed to rub me the wrong way.

It all started when I got up. I made some remark like “What, no French Toast?” I always have cereal for breakfast, and it would have been nice to have French Toast that morning. I made the same comment on Father’s Day. I guess nobody got the hint. My fault. I should have said before I went to bed. “You know what I would really like for breakfast? French Toast”… Oh well. Like I said it’s me fault. I shouldn’t be so selfish and think that anything special should be done for me on my birthday.

I worked all day. That can really ruin a birthday.

I called home a few times during the day. I talked to my son. He never said “Happy Birthday.” That bothered me. My daughter called me once to ask me something. She said Happy Birthday. That was nice.

I talked to my wife around 3:00 pm. She asked what I wanted for my Birthday dinner. Three o’clock and she’s asking me what I want for dinner… I had to play a concert that night. I said grilled hotdogs. I think I said grilled hotdogs for three reasons. One, I knew I didn’t want to eat a lot before the concert. Two, I like them, and three, I felt kind of worthless at that moment and hotdogs seemed appropriate.

I got home. My wife didn’t get home until after 5:00 pm. She was carrying a package. I guess she found some time after work to finally go shopping for a birthday present. I think she had already purchased one thing all ready. These were just add-ons.

She also bought the hotdogs and buns. I opened the grocery bag. I looked…. She bought the cheap Oscar Meyer wieners. How appropriate… I felt kind of cheap, but something in the back of my mind was hoping that she would buy nice big fat “Sam’s Club” kind of Hotdogs. My fault… I guess I should have told her what kind of hotdogs I wanted.

After dinner I got to open my presents. I should really step back here… I just got a new car. While thinking about getting a new car, I said to my wife. “Don’t get me anything for my birthday. We’ll be spending enough on a new car.” … I opened the first few gifts. They were perfect. Nice and small and cheap. And I actually wanted them. Then I opened up my “Big” present. It was a new HP Color photo printer. I should have kept my mouth shut and just said “Thank you.” Instead, everything seemed to build up at that point. I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t want anything new for our Computer. That thing is so fragile, and loading anything new into it will cause it to have problems. I’ve told them that repeatedly, and they went and bought me a new printer. I wish they would have stopped at the soup ladles, video cassettes and CD holder.

Also, I’ve had conversations with my wife a couple of times about Photo Printers. They cost too much to print photos on those things. The paper costs a lot and the ink is ridiculously expensive. I can go to the drug store and get pictures printed for less money and not have any ware and tear put on my hardware… why didn’t she remember those conversations.

Thousands of other people would have loved that Photo printer. I looked at it as a total insult. Nobody listened to me.

I got home after the concert. I was looking forward to eating some birthday cake. It was about 9:15 pm. I sit down and wait and wait. My wife is busy doing something in the garage. I finally got up and went to the garage and said something rude like “Do I have to ask to have my birthday cake.” We then ate the “fake” cherry cheese cake. It was good.

I wish I could do that day all over. I’d try to do things differently and not hurt so many people.


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

today my mommy had to miss my birthday. it was horrible. everyone was so happy for me but inside i wanted to scream. ihaven't told anyone how i really felt.

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today was my worst Birthday ever, my husband didn't speak to me all day, no cake, no gifts, nothing! I am glad it's almost over 1 hour to finish the day!

At 6:35 PM, Blogger Bayside said...

I can't believe that woman had the nerve to pass off Oscar Mayer on your birthday. Heartless!


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